Perimeter & Insect Control

Commercial & Residential

Madison Lawn & Landscape applies insecticide to foundations and desired areas to repel and manage problem-causing insects. We can also protect your yard from mosquitoes so your family can enjoy being outdoors without bugs spoiling the fun.

Pest control provides your home with year-round protection. Our applications create a barrier around the exterior of your home that controls ants, fleas, ticks, spiders, beetles, earwigs, centipedes, and many more types of insects before they have a chance to invade your home. We recommend 3 yearly applications.

During Mosquito season our trained specialists apply applications on your property using an advanced mosquito control formula. Within 24 hours, our fast-acting product is effectively defending against biting mosquitos.

Emerald Ash Borer Protection - We utilize an injection method to protect your Ash trees from this invasive insect.

Deep Root Fertilization for Trees and Shrubs - A specialized type of fertilizer application method used to help restore trees and shrubs that are showing signs of decline.

Insect & Disease Management for Trees and Shrubs - Protect your landscape from harmful fungus and damaging insects with our effective applications.

Additional Services

Madison Lawn & Landscape offers complete year-round lawn care services, landscaping services, chemical treatments, full-service snow removal and much more. Check out these additional services for your home or business!

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